My journey starts with team sports, that lead to injury, and then a passion for training and everything that comes with it. After following what I thought was the “right” career path I quickly realised the corporate world was not for me. After years as a one of one PT I wanted to expand the amount of people I could help.
This happened through a group training franchise for 2 years before PRJCT Fitness was born. PRJCT Fitness was created with the sole objective of helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, but most importantly, “Become the greatest version of YOU” . This pursuit is one that goes well beyond the gym and is ever evolving, but at the same time a goal that can be achieved each and every day.


Head Coach

Coming from a highly competitive sporting background, training has always been a key part of her life. With a background of 20+ years of experience working within the fitness industry. Encapsulating what’s important on all levels of training, both physically and mentally. She has a strong passion for boxing and makes sure each client feels the love in every session. 

Love the love!
Favourite exercise: Boxing
Favourite food: Lebanese food


Coach/Head of Programming

He started his fitness journey around 4 years ago & has been involved with sport at a young age. When he first started training, his main focus was on bodybuilding but now as he expands his knowledge & experience, he enjoys incorporating both strength & functional style training. Fitness has been more than just a lifestyle – It’s a passion.

Only being in the fitness industry for a couple of years, but he loves the process of helping others to achieve their fitness goals as well as feel good about themselves in & out of the gym.

Favourite exercise – Lunges
Favourite food – Almond croissants & Burgers


Coach/Social Media Manager

He started getting into health and fitness about 6 years ago and instantly got a passion for it from his first session in the gym. He has competed in a few bodybuilding competitions and constantly learns ways to improve his knowledge in health and fitness.

He’s passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and health goals, and loves to have a good laugh while at it!

Favourite exercise – Bench Press
Favourite food – Almond croissants


Coach/Client Success Manager

Cass started her journey at PRJCT as a member and knows everything there is to know about this gym. An avid soccer player and gym lover she is most at home in the gym or on the soccer field. Her own fitness journey pushed her to a career in the fitness industry and now she aims to pass on her knowledge and experience to others, whether it be starting their journey, or well into it.

Favourite Exercise – Snatches
Favourite Food – Potato Bake


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