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The fittest and strongest version of yourself is built in PRJCTFUNCTIONAL. Faster pace, with a mix between strength based movements, and conditioning. New to functional training? The Build Program shows the ropes & covers all your bases. Ready to grow your skills AND get the blood pumping? perform is the choice for you. Another addition in PRJCTFUNCTIONAL is our new LEGACY Sessions. Big sessions you'll see multiple times through out the year, where you'll be able to track your performance and attempt to beat your last effort.


Everything you want in a Functional Strength session. Establish the foundations of strength training on our build program. Take on more advanced movements and methods on the Perform program. MORE time, MORE coaching, MORE strength. MORE RESULTS. Each PRJCTSTRONG also finishes with a small conditioning piece that focuses on the movements from that session.


This one is simple. You want to get fit? You need to do PRJCTFIT. Tried and true methods with one goal. Create the fittest people in Sydney. The perfect companion to our other sessions, and the best way to get through hump day with a bang. Get ready for: Intervals, Endurance training, Plyometrics, gymnastics, Zone training(Or put simply - Good old Fashioned Conditioning.)


TEAM is exactly as it sounds! Jump in a team and take on the room for our biggest session of the week! Teams are decided on the day and nobody will be left on their own.


Every 10 Weeks we Test so you can show off your results! Each week day we will be testing a different element of your training. Absolutely anyone will be able to test and we do this to show off your progress, and set goals for your training! There will be one testing element and then the rest of the session will have the same PRJCT feeling you know and love. Let's see those results!


SKILL is a session designed to teach you new skills to incorporate into your PRJCT Sessions. This is a one off session done during the week and will focus on one particular area of training for a set block of time (between 4-8 weeks depending on the focus). E.G. Gymnastic movements like toes to bar, or Weightlifting like barbell clean and jerk or snatch.



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